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My Life
Transformation from Victim to Victor

The 11th book and latest work penned by Reverend Bill Bean offers a unique insight into Bill’s life story. New information is revealed in Bill’s steady voice with a smooth narrative flow. A deeply moving and intimate ‘memoir’ exploring one man’s journey from growing up in the midst of negative demonic activity to transforming into the positive man of GOD he is today. Experiences he encountered along the way are shared with unflinching honesty.

Brutal truths, yet the overall theme is imbued with positivity. A treasure trove of astonishing stories; compellingly intimate details of the paranormal which impacted his life. A lesson in how happiness can be found in the darkest of situations.

Equal parts heartwarming and horrifying.

This is a memoir you will discuss with loved ones long after the final page.

Kathy Smith

I want to preface my review of My Life, Transformation from Victim to Victor, by stating that I have never met a truly great man who has not had a hard past.

Bill Bean is truly a great man!

His book takes the reader on an intense journey thru his harrowing past to some of the most horrific, true accounts of his ministry as a non-denominational deliverance minister and exorcist. Having worked with him for nearly 12 yrs now, I can honestly vouch that no one holds a candle to this mighty Spiritual Warrior! When it comes to fighting the enemy, it is fair to say he is one of God's hand-picked elite fighters. It is not a job for which one can sign up. Rather, it is a calling.

In Spiritual Warfare, he is the US Army Delta Forces, Navy Seal Team Six, the Marine Force Recon and Air Force Combat Controllers all rolled into one. He is the mightiest of Spiritual Warriors - the front line battering ram, if you will, against Satan's demons and all evil.

Bill Bean is a champion for the afflicted. He walks in the Light of God and demons fear him. I have seen them flee from him and have seen angels rush in to fill the void!

This book is unique in that it gives the reader an intimate glimpse of an extraordinary man's life training and ultimately, into the highly unique job that he has been called to do as an exorcist.

It is a true testament to one who is willing to stand for the afflicted so that they may be set free from their captivity of evil.

Bill Bean's book is compelling and impossible to put down. It is both horrifying and fascinating. It is a great must read from beginning to end!

Melinda McKamey

Assistant to Bill Bean

Your new book is amazing!  I'm SO sorry for the difficult things you have been through.  It's hard to truly imagine what life was like for you and your family when you grew up.  It must have been much more horrifying than could be expressed with mere words here, but we definitely understand some of it and it's truly shocking that these paranormal things go on.
God has made you and your ministry a gift to the world.  I'm so grateful that you have helped me so much.  On a daily basis I do many things you have shared with us. Your teachings have helped me to understand the kind of spiritual battle we are in every day.  It's been amazing that God helps us in these battles to be overcomes in Him.  

Thank you for all you do!  

Lindy Gessaman

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